Following the emergence of a virulent bacteria called Vibrio which is most often found in Water Bodies like rivers, lakes, and along the sea shore, the authorities of the United States have advised people to stay away from water as the Bacterial Infection is severe and can even lead to death. In particular, the bacteria appeared around the Southern United States. The bacteria has been found in the lakes and rivers of Alabama and so far three cases of the bacterial infection have been reported in the state. In one case the infection occurred when the victim consumed raw oyster and in the other two cases, the infection was caused by a wound the victim got while swimming in the water.

What is the name of the bacteria?

The infection is said to be caused by a naturally occurring organism called Vibrio and nearly 80,000 infections are reported annually which result in almost 100 deaths. Some of the major symptoms of the bacterial infection are vomiting, diarrhea, fever, skin lesions, and abdominal pain.

Building a Better World News has reported that Dr. Karen Landers, Assistant State Health Officer, of the Alabama Department of Public Health said, “Most of the harmful organisms are usually hidden in the water bodies like lakes, rivers, and seashores and they can cause soft-tissue infections. While most of the time, these soft-tissue infections are caused in individuals who suffer from diabetes and other immunity problems, the infection sometimes also occurs in healthy individuals who have skin injuries.”

How do the bacteria cause infection?

The Vibrio bacteria occurs naturally and can cause infections in those people who eat contaminated seafood and in those who expose their open wounds to water bodies.

While some of the infections are minor one others are really serious and can lead to death. Dr. Karen Landers has warned the people of Alabama who have open wounds and a weak immune system to restrict themselves from entering water bodies and eating contaminated or raw seafood.

As the Vibrio bacteria enter the human body through any open wounds, people must immediately clean any wounds after being in the water.

If the wound is serious enough, then it is advised that people get medical treatment immediately without any delay.

The Vibrio bacterial infection is more dangerous for people with weak immune systems. If the infection occurs in people with skin injuries, then undergoing surgery is the best option.