Creepy and scary clowns are coming back as more sightings are being reported. Now that we're approaching August, get ready for a new wave of scary clowns to be ushered in. It began in August 2016 with people dressed in clown costumes luring children into the forest around South Carolina. Within weeks the craze kicked off and the Clown Sightings were making headlines every day.

New sighting

The latest report of creepy clowns to frighten kids comes out of Pennsylvania. According to Christian Post, a 9-year-old girl riding her neighborhood on a scooter this weekend was lured by a clown.

Law enforcement says the clown tried coaxing the child with a $20 and $50 bill to go with him. Luckily, the girl ran screaming to her grandmother's house. The person dressed in a clown costume fled the scene, vanishing into some bushes by the railroad tracks.

The creepy clown was described as slender and tall with white-painted face and arms. The man also had the proverbial red-parted hair and polka-dotted shirt and pants in red, blue, and yellow colors.

Pennsylvania's last sighting of creepy clowns was in March when two men were in costume terrorizing a group of kids. "My kid came running in the house screaming that there were two guys chasing him," Michael Milkowski, the father of three kids who encountered the suspect, said.

Milkowski asked his kids if they were joking around and they asserted that they were being "really serious." When Mikowski looked behind him, he saw the two men dressed in clown outfits running up a hill.

Other 2017 clowns to emerge

The latest creepy clowns to surface have begun around Colorado, Wisconsin, and north dakota. Two children in Madison, Wisconsin alleged to have spotted "scary" men in clown costumes carrying knives on July 2.

The girls were playing outdoors when they spotted the two. Law enforcement is looking into the claims, but there have been no other sightings documented.

In May, two clowns were seen by a group of kids in Fargo, North Dakota; one of the men was holding a knife and the other wielding a boa constrictor. One of the creepy clowns made a threat to the kids and the other asked if they wanted to see a dead body.

The kids ran off to a nearby apartment complex and were unharmed.

A high school in Fort Collins, Colorado told kids to stay home after someone with a creepy clown profile on a Facebook account threatened students. Panic throughout the community ensued, but no reported incidents occurred.

How many creepy clown sightings will erupt before Halloween of this year? Will the frenzy of last year carry over into an even more radical clown season in 2017?