It is not even close to Halloween yet, nor has the new Stephen King "It" movie hit theaters, but the prediction of the Scary Clown Sightings returning has proven accurate.

Stay on the look out for creepy clowns in your area

As previously reported, last year there was a strange and bizarre epidemic of scary clown sightings across the United States. Here at Blasting News, it was reported that it was believed the clown sightings would once again return later this fall following the release of Stephen King's "It" movie which will hit theaters in September.

Will Stephen King's 'It' inspire clown sightings across the United States?

It appears the clown-faced creepsters couldn't hold out until then, and a new report from Inquisitr has revealed a 2017 clown sighting taking place just a couple of days ago on Highway 101 in California. Numerous 911 calls were made to the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department reporting a very scary looking clown carrying what appeared to be a bloody machete.

Freaked out citizens called in, stating that the scary clown was walking along the 101 Highway. Sheriff Deputies responded to the calls and found that a man dressed as a clown in a blue suit and wearing some really creepy clown makeup was indeed walking the highway.

The officials approached the clown, guns drawn. The machete was, however, not covered in blood, but red-died cotton. The report also reveals that the creepy clown appeared to be hitchhiking.

The clown was identified as 61-year-old Larry Tovey. Tovey was questioned and let go because he had not committed a crime. He hadn't even threatened any of the 911 callers with the machete to anyone's knowledge.

Sherrif's on the scene revealed it is not against the law according to California laws for someone to walk around dressed as a clown -- though, it's not clear why he was dressed this way.

BN's report on scary clowns and Stephen King's "It" led folklorist and author Benjamin Redford to reveal why clown sightings always gain a lot of attention, and that this is something that has been happening for decades.

The “clown panics,” as he described them, go back decades -- to the ’80s -- and reports of “phantom clowns” trying to lure or abduct children have been tied to them.

As previously stated, it is believed that the creepy, scary clown sighting epidemic will return in full force later this Fall. What are your thoughts on the clown sightings in recent years?