In 2016, a multitude of Creepy Clown sightings were seen around the country. It began in South Carolina in August then spread around neighboring states until there were reports of sightings at random locations around the world. What started out as seemingly harmless fun turned into a full-scale epidemic through the Halloween season. Social media groups were dedicated to creepy clowns with thousands jumping aboard. A lot of clown-related activity were hoaxes, but many were arrested for posing a threat to the community, some armed with knives. Fortunately, no one has been killed or seriously injured by the scary clowns, but there's the underlying fear that the craze could reach that point.

It's too early to tell if the same string of sightings will unfold in 2017, but they've already happened sporadically.

Latest sighting

According to WSAU in Wisconsin, two children claimed that they spotted a couple of "scary" men in creepy clown costumes carrying knives. The incident happened on July 2 when two girls -- age 9 and 11 -- were playing outside that evening and saw the two men. One of the men was dressed as a clown and the other was wearing a Halloween-type mask. Both men allegedly spoke to the two girls as they ran up the street.

Law enforcement with the Madison Police Department are investigating the report. A spokesman with the police department explained that there were no other sightings of the creepy clowns, but officers were trying to verify what the girls claimed they encountered.

Other creepy clown news in 2017

There were a few other creepy Clown Sightings in the last few months. In May, Newsweek reported that two clowns were seen in Fargo, North Dakota, with one holding a knife and the other flaunting a boa constrictor. The man in the costume allegedly made threats to kill the kids. The suspect also asked the kids if they were interested in seeing a dead body.

With that, the children fled to a nearby apartment building.

In April, someone involved with creating a Facebook account showing a creepy clown was arrested for threatening kids at a high school in Fort Collins, Colorado; over 500 students from Poudre High School were told stay home and police say "panic" throughout the community followed.

More sightings await in 2017?

It's believed that the latest resurgence of creepy clowns is linked with the Stephen King remake of "It," which hits theaters in September. If that's the case, then the sightings could grow to menacing proportions like they did last year.