Professor Richard Dawkins has fired back at California Radio Station KPFA for canceling a scheduled event after learning about his views on Islam. Dawkins, who is an outspoken atheist, scientist, and author, was scheduled to appear at the event on August 9 to discuss his new book "Science is in the Soul." He had found out through an email from the station that they canceled the event and were refunding ticket holders because of his past statements about Islam.

Laura Prives, KPFA Program Director, and Quincy Mcoy, KPFA General Manager, stated, "the radio station does not endorse hurtful or abusive speech against any group or any person.

Dawkins has wrong and dangerous ideas and he has been critical of religion."

KPFA continued to state, "We serve a diverse community, including many Muslims. Islamophobic rhetoric stokes the threat of violence. We have a right not to sponsor any event that is spreading it."

Dawkins fires back

In response to the radio station, Richard Dawkins fired back by stating, "If you had done rudimentary fact- checking, you would have seen I have never used abusive speech against Islam."

He continued stating, "I am a known critic of Christianity and never have been de-platformed for that.

Why do you give Islam a free pass? Why is it ok to criticize Christianity but not Islam?"

Paul Fidalgo, a spokesperson for the Center for Inquiry, said, "It is disappointing that an opportunity has been lost, many people were interested in hearing Dawkins speak.

Often people become confused between criticizing a group of ideas or criticizing a group of people. He also was a part of a fundraiser in 2015 for KPFA with no problems."


Richard Dawkins is no stranger to controversy. During his career, he has become very outspoken as an atheist and criticizes all religions. He suggests that God's existence should be treated like a hypothesis and admits he doesn't know if there is a God, but he is pretty certain there is no God.

His understanding of science and the evolutionary process made him question religion and why adults were not educated in biology. He feels that the word "God" is a metaphor for things not yet understood in the universe.

Dawkins grew in popularity with his 2006 book titled "The God Delusion" which was on the international top-selling book list. He has taken on theism in religions like Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. He blames religion for bigotry and hatred among people and believes that religion is like a virus that affects the minds of people in all societies. He feels that labeling children and religious indoctrination are a form of child abuse and children should be free to develop their own views on humanity and the universe.