Democratic Senator from New York Chuck Schumer showed his disgust for failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party. Schumer criticized Clinton for making excuses for her failed presidential bid. Clinton claimed that she made solid decisions in her run, and that the failure came from forces outside of her control.

Democrats need to stop playing the blame game

CNN reported that Schumer told the Washington Post that Hillary and the Democrats needed to stop blaming the lost election on outside forces. Schumer said that blaming outside forces for losing against someone who only had 40 percent popularity was a mistake and that Hillary needed to blame herself instead.

His comments were in response to an idea that Hillary has pushed from the beginning, and that is blaming outside forces like the Russians and James Comey for her election failure.

He argued that Hillary needed a solid platform to run on instead of running on the slogan: "I'm not Donald Trump." Democrats needed to understand why they lost the election, and instead of focusing on these mistakes, the Democrat Party needed to focus on a new campaign platform. Schumer's message comes at a time when the Democrats are preparing to roll out their latest platform as they prepare for the 2018 elections. Their latest platform includes the slogan, "A Better Deal."

What went wrong and what the Democrats need to do

Mediaite reported on the problems the electorate faced during the election and highlighted Comey's remarks about Hillary and her performance in the election.

The problem many saw in the latest presidential election was that many within the electorate didn't care for either Hillary or Donald Trump. Hillary led for most of the campaign with 43 percent of the vote, while polls said that Trump had about 38 percent of the vote.

Many of the voters polled said they wanted change, and of those polled, 82 percent believed that Donald Trump was the candidate that would bring that change.

Only 14 percent of those who were polled said they believed that Hillary would be the candidate of change. Schumer said that the Democrat party would roll out its new agenda soon in preparation for the 2018 elections. The plan was designed by Democrat heavyweights with the purpose of revitalizing the party's economic approach.

They plan to appeal to Trump voters to try and regain lost votes. The Democrats also plan to promote progressive solutions to a wide variety of concerns voters may have. This comes on the heels of President Trump smearing Hillary Clinton in a Twitter campaign over the Russian scandal.