Bainbridge Island, Wash., was the scene of an Active Shooting that resulted in residents being warned to stay inside. The Washington State Ferries suspended service on the Bainbridge Island - Seattle route until further notice. In an update by Komo News, at around 11 PM WSF ferries spokesperson Brian Mannion told KOMO News there were no known injuries to any ferries employees and everyone at Eagle Harbor was accounted for.

The shooting incident at Bainbridge was reported by Komo News around 10 PM Saturday Night.

Initial reports were sketchy and consisted of the Police warning that there was an active shooter "situation at Eagle Harbor."

Bainbridge Eagle Harbor shooting details sketchy

The Seattle Times cited Komo as reporting that the incident involved a shooter at the Washington State Ferries repair yard. In a statement, a police spokesman said that a man was "“just firing randomly.”

The Bainbridge Review quoted city spokeswoman Kellie Stickney as saying that "there is an individual on a boat in Eagle Harbor who is actively shooting at the shoreline and at law enforcement officers,”

Although there has been no official confirmation as yet, people on Twitter have been posting that the incident may have occurred on "a liveaboard sailboat adjacent to WSF Eagle Harbor facility."

Police warn people to stay inside as active shooting situation continues

The coastguard, police and the fire department responded to the shooting.

Warnings were issued to people in the area to shelter where they were and to avoid the shorefront.

Other unconfirmed reports indicate that the police had snipers and spotters on shore waiting for more shots to be fired. In another tweet, it was mentioned that SWAT had arrived to cover the active shooting situation in Eagle Harbor and that the Bainbridge PD had their guns drawn.

Eagle Harbor police - these are not 'fireworks'

There have been numerous reports of gunshots across the USA but many of them turned out to be fireworks left over from the July 4 celebrations.

In the case of Bainbridge, though, the police said that the gunshots were real and not fireworks so residents were urged to take their warnings seriously and stay away from the scene.

Just after 11 PM reports came in that the ferry had resumed service.

Ferry services resumed just after 11 PM

Despite the resumption of ferry services, there still appeared to be an active situation and the warnings to continue to avoid the shoreline were in place.

According to the Facebook page of the City of Bainbridge Island, Washington, "Ferry service has been cleared to resume, but there is still an active situation. Continue to avoid the shoreline and continue to shelter in place if you live along the shoreline."

The situation called for text alerts. Although there were no casualties reported, because of the ongoing status of the active shooting, K5 encouraged their readers to register for emergency notification by texting 98100 to 888777.