Lake Elsinore Ca. - Valley News was one of the first news outlets to report on a developing crime drama that started around 9 pm on the night of 11 January in the Tuscany Hills area.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) went on the alert first after gunshots were fired at a traffic stop. They called for emergency assistance and during a pursuit, more shots were fired that disabled a police vehicle. It was thought that the rifle might have been an AK47.

Lake Elsinore suspect shot multiple times at CHP vehicles.

After the initial shooting the suspect who was driving an SUV fled the scene and the Riverside County Sheriff’s aviation unit helicopter helped with following and staying on track of the suspect.

During the pursuit, it was reported that the suspect kept on firing at chase vehicles, and unbelievable as it sounds, Valley News reports that there may have been at least two children and a woman in the vehicle.

The suspect forced his way into a home in Via Roma and that is possibly where the hostage situation came in. ,

Just like a movie was how a witness described it to The Press Enterprise.

The incident contained an almost surreal wildness. The situation apparently evolved out of a pursuit and ended up with gunshots, hostages, SWAT response, closed roads and terrified witnesses near the intersection of Villa Roma and Villa Milano.

Breaking news came out that there was an officer-involved shooting, but it was not clear if anyone had been killed or injured. Valley News later reported that via a witness, they had heard that the suspect involved in the incident had been taken into custody, but they did quote Riverside County Sheriff spokesman Deputy Mike Vasquez as saying, "All I know at this point is that RSO assisted CHP with a traffic stop off of Indian Truck Trail and I am waiting to get confirmation of the details."

The police and law officers involved consisted of the California Highway Patrol and the Riverside County Sheriff's deputies.

As a result of the police action, the southbound 15 was closed at Indian Truck Trail and traffic was backed up to Temescal Canyon Road.

Following the scanner traffic, it became apparent that hostages were taken, but that by 9:55 p.m. the hostages were in the care of authorities. In the meantime, at least one witness, George Hernandez, spoke to Press Enterprize and told them he was at home when the gunshots started and he was told to get his family away from the area.

Later he was called and told he could go home but he could take his SUV with him. It was terrifying for residents in the area.

Nobody has yet confirmed the name of the suspect, or if anyone died during the incident, but witnesses, according to Valley News did report seeing coroner officials as well as medical emergency services arriving at the scene about half an hour after the last gunshots were heard.