Indiana Sheriff's Office in Vanderburgh County arrested a man - Justin Matthew Swart - Saturday, January 14, 2017, after an alleged attack and gun incident at a family home in Evansville. After a hectic dispute that saw a gunshot fired and a young child was put at risk the 31-year-old man fled the scene but was later picked up on a street away from the house at 6050 Maggie Valley Drive.

Indiana family called 911 - operator warned Sheriff's office he was armed

In a statement released by the Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Dave Wedding said that the incident happened on Saturday, January 14, 2017, at approximately 3:15 PM.

Officers responded to a report that a fight was going on at the house. The 911 operator warned the officers that the open phone line indicated there was some weapon involved as she could hear people shouting, telling the man to "put down the gun."

Hectic family argument turned into a gun incident

When officers arrived they found a distraught family who had undergone a frightening experience. One of them was a small child. The over the top rage and family endangerment was all over an argument with a family member about auto parts. The argument escalated to a terriyfing ordeal, when Swart went bersek and started rampaging around the house. According to other family members, he armed himself with a handgun after "tearing up the house," and at least one gunshot was fired in front of the terrified victims.

It was said that Justin fired the gun out on the porch of the house.

Terrifying incident not over - strangulation

Eventually, a family member managed to get Swart to hand over the gun, but the attack did not end there. He grabbed hold of one of the people and started strangling the victim. Officers say that the child witnessed all of this violence in the home.

When the law enforcement officers arrived, Swart had run out of the house so they had to locate him, which they managed to do without inciting any further violence.

Crime, rage, and the consequences

Right now Justin Swart is sitting in the Vandeburgh County Jail with no bond pending. He has been charged with several offenses including;

  • Criminal Recklessness with a Firearm as a Level 6 Felony,
  • Battery - Domestic in the Presence of a Child as a Level 6 Felony,
  • Battery - Strangulation as a Level 6 Felony,
  • Neglect of a Dependant as a Level 6 Felony.