Seven US Navy team members are reportedly missing after a collision with their ship with a merchant container around the coast of Japan.

Seven US crew members missing after the collision

USS Fitzgerald’s commanding officer is among those who were wounded. He was rushed to the hospital via a helicopter. BBC reports indicate that their ship collided with the vessel about 104km southwest of Yokosuka.

USS Fitzgerald is reportedly one of the most sophisticated warships in the world with advanced radars systems.

The 20 Filipino crew members, on board the vessel, sustained no injuries.

According to aerial images, there was substantial destruction to the Navy ship’s starboard. The incident happened on Saturday at around 02:30 local time. The collision happened at a Japanese port city, close to Yokosuka. The Japanese port city is occupied by the US 7th Fleet, which includes up to 80 Submarines and warships.

According to BBC, the ACX Crystal Filipino-flagged vessel ship was drifting between Nagoya and Tokyo. It is not clear where the guided missile destroyer was heading to, at the time. Japanese coastguards said that the ship was below 30,000 tons.

It is not yet clear as to why the vessel its course

According to reports compiled by the Marine traffic, the ACX crystal made an abrupt about-turn approximately 25 minutes before the accident.

It is not clearly known why the vessel changed its course. Marine traffic records indicate that the vessel was traveling at a speed of 14.6 knots at the time of the crash.

Seven missing crew members are being searched by US teams, with co-ordination from Japan’s coastguard.

According to BBC reports, Cdr Bryce Benson, the Navy ship’s commanding officer, was in a manageable condition after being moved to US Naval Hospital in Yokosuka.

The ship has been taken to Yokosuka. The Navy ship was able to use its own energy, but with inadequate momentum. The ACX Crystal sustained less damage to its port bow and has now arrived in Tokyo.

The place where the collision occurred usually gets heavy traffic. Ships pass through the bay where the crash happened, when traveling to Tokyo or when traveling away.

The scene of the crash is extremely busy with cargoes heading to and away from Tokyo.

US Navy operations chief Adm John Richardson released a statement on social media saying that: “As facts are known we will be certain to share it with the Fitzgerald families.”