Myah Fisher, 5, had just completed kindergarten at the H. Allen Hight Elementary School and was attending summer school at the Bannon Creek Elementary School in Sacramento on Monday. However, once her class was over she was supposed to be transported to Heron School, which is running a summer Child Care program. However, things went totally wrong when the Natomas Unified School District bus driver dropped her off at her former elementary school, instead of the child care facility.

5-year-old alone and scared after being dropped at the wrong school

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, Myah reportedly broke into tears after being left unattended at the closed school and tried to find her own way home but got lost along the way. The five-year-old was scared and walked six blocks, apparently looking for a park she had seen along the way, but she got lost while walking along the bike trail.

In the meantime, both school officials and her parents were frantically trying to locate the little girl for around an hour. Fisher said she was driving around, yelling Myah’s name, desperately trying to find her daughter and crying along the way.

Good Samaritan finds Myah and takes her back to the school

Myah was eventually spotted by a Good Samaritan, who drove the lost little girl back to the school where she was finally reunited with her mother, who was really grateful.

However, until she had Myah in her arms, she said she tried not to think about the fact that her daughter was in a car with a stranger.

Myah wasn’t the only child dropped at the wrong school

It turned out Myah wasn’t the only lost child, as a boy had also been dropped off at the wrong school. Fisher said the boy did manage to find his way home and got hold of his father using a video security camera the family has in their doorbell.

Myah told Fox 40 that the little boy went to find his dad, while she headed off to try and find her parents.

Officials from the Natomas Unified School District acknowledged the mistake in a statement and have promised to take immediate steps to prevent this kind of thing happening again. Officials will be assigning an additional person to help coordinate drop-offs of students and will also be issuing new bus passes for the children including their photos.

Fisher told Fox 40 that the bus driver couldn’t give her reason why she dropped her daughter at the wrong school, which made her angry, asking why drop off a child when there is no one there.

While Fisher is relieved her daughter is safe and the family is not planning on taking further action for the incident, she has urged officials to be stricter on their employees, saying when transporting children, it is important to be responsible.