Jared Kushner is reportedly scheduled to visit Israel and Ramallah to meet their respective leaders to talk about achieving a long-lasting peace deal between the two Middle Eastern countries. The news was first reported by the Wall Street Journal on Sunday, stating that the upcoming visit aims to advance this administration's efforts to close a peace agreement.

What to expect from the visit?

According to the publication, the senior adviser will meet Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, before he will visit Ramallah to discuss the peace agreement with President Mahmoud Abbas.

This move came after Donald Trump emphasized his desire to bring peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. Although he acknowledged the fact that this mission will not be easy to deal with, the U.S. president is confident that his administration will finally reach a deal with Israeli and Palestine before his term ends.

The American leader confidently said that his government would break the notion that considers this mission as the "toughest deal" to attain. He promised to serve as their mediator and arbitrator in order to achieve lasting peace in the two Middle Eastern countries.

Why send Jared Kushner?

According to CNN, Trump has appointed some of his "trusted advisers" to take the lead in reaching a peace deal with Netanyahu and Abbas.

His team includes Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, who works as the assistant to the President and Special Representative for International Negotiations.

The Israeli-Palestinian negotiator reportedly will travel to the Middle East ahead of Kushner on Monday. Before this, the two gentlemen have accompanied the U.S. president during his visit to Jerusalem and Bethlehem last May.

Further reports stated Kushner and Greenblatt are expected to lay down their plans for the peace agreement with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders and their senior advisers. Abbas, on the other hand, has previously expressed his commendation of the U.S. president's determination to reach a peace deal which the previous administrations have failed to achieve.

Israel's Netanyahu also committed to working with Trump to "advance peace with the Palestinians and with all [their] neighbors." The Prime Minister, however, emphasized their condition to "acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state," which remains to be an unsolved case after decades-long of failed negotiations.