Despite President Donald Trump’s tweet last week that he is under investigation, a lawyer on his legal team said the President is not being investigated.

In reaction to a report published in the Washington Post, Jay Sekulow, a top lawyer in the President’s legal team argued the tweet by Trump was not a confirmation of the probe.

The controversial report

In an interview with CNN Sunday, Sekulow said the tweet was in reaction to the report in the Washington Post that had five sources without names.

On Friday, President Trump tweeted he was under investigation for firing James Comey, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director by the same man who told him to fire him.

He described the probe as a witch hunt.

In the report published by the Washington Post, five officials said they had been briefed on an interview request from Robert Mueller’s panel with three high-ranking intelligence officials to determine if President Trump may have obstructed justice.

Trump's effectiveness on social media

Though Trump's tweet was not a confirmation of the investigation, Sekulow said it appeared that way due to the character limitation on Twitter. The lawyer further said the president is very efficient and effective with the way he uses social media platforms.

According to Sekulow, we are all aware of the character limitation of Twitter. President Trump’s reaction was, as it related to, the report by the Washington Post.

"There is no way he can add all of that in there," he said.

A source told CNN’s Evans Perez that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators would discuss issues with Dan Coats, the National Intelligence Director, and Mike Rogers, the NSA director. According to the source, investigators have requested information from Richard Ledgett, who just retired from the NSA as deputy director.

The source further said a written memo that documented an attempt by President Trump asking Rogers to end the FBI’s Russia probe would be examined.

Mixed responses

However, Coats and Rogers refused to respond to questions before the Senate intelligence committee when they were asked about their interactions with Trump, but both men admitted they did not think the President was trying to intervene in the Russia investigation.

Former FBI boss James Comey informed the Senate intelligence committee that he was under pressure from the President regarding the Russia probe. He said Trump asked him to end the investigation of Micheal Flynn, former national security adviser.