Australia's malcolm turnbull was heard mocking Donald Trump in a leaked audio recording of his speech at the Mid-Winter Ball event on Wednesday night. The prime minister's talk before members of the press was supposed to be off the record. Laurie Oakes, however, decided to share the entertainment and uploaded his documentation of the PM's impersonation of his American counterpart.

'There's always a leak'

In the controversial recording, the Australian prime minister recalled one of his phone calls with Trump, which he described as the "most beautiful putting me-at-ease ever" conversation.

Aside from that, Turnbull even mimicked some of the U.S. leader's speaking tics.

The Australian leader was almost unstoppable when he mocked his counterpart over "fake polls." He said both of them are winning in the polls, but the difference is that he is winning in real polls, drawing laughter and cheers from the audience.

People who have viewed the recording have also been getting a good-natured laugh out of it across the world.

The PM even made fun of Trump's alleged involvement on Russia's interference during the 2016 Presidential Elections. Turnbull added online polls are "so easy to win," seemingly referring to the U.S. president's online standing during the campaign.

His mocking of the U.S. leader immediately spread like a wildfire and even reached Kevin Spacey's "House of Cards" series.

'Good humored roast'

After making headlines for his controversial speech against Trump, Turnbull to defended himself from criticism. The PM insisted it was "affectionately lighthearted" remarks about the American leader. The Australian head also acknowledged that it was a "breach of protocol, faith, and all those things," but reiterated that the speech was amiable.

Although he is disappointed that his speech was released in public, Turnbull said "it was fun" as he was able to lighten up the mood for the event. The PM even joked that he will probably read some passages from the Budget Paper Number 2 for his next event.

'The world is laughing'

The Australian Pm became one of the top trending topics on Twitter after his controversial audio was leaked.

While there were a few people who slammed Turnbull for mocking the U.S. president in front of a crowd, most people find his "lighthearted" attacks hilarious and entertaining.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy stated they are "[taking] this with the good humor that was intended" given the nature of the event where it took place.