According to Reuters, a US warplane has brought down a Syrian military jet in Southern Raqqa on Sunday. Washington said the jet dropped bombs close to the US-led forces, but the Syrian government claims the jet was on a mission to counter ISIS when the US warplane shot it down.

A statement by the Syrian military said the plane crash landed and the pilot was missing. It was the first ever downing of a Syrian plane from the US forces since the conflict began in 2011.

Syrian army accused of frustrating effort

The army stated that the incident took place in a remote village called Rasafah on Sunday.

The Syrian Army said the attack was an attempt by the US to undermine its effort to fight the scourge of terrorism ravaging the country.

The army said the incidence came at a time hen the Syrian military and its partners were making progress in the fight against the Islamic State.

A statement by the US Central Command said the Syrian jet was shot down in self-defense by Coalition Forces, who identified the plane as that of Syrian Democratic Forces close Tarbqah.

US position on the incidence

It stated that the pro-Assad Regime forces had previously launched an attack on an SDF-held town south of Tabqa and injured many fighters, chasing them away from the town.

US-led coalition forces aircraft stopped the first advance in an apparent show of force.

The Syrian jet was immediately downed when its SU-22 jet dropped bombs close the US-led forces, according to the statement.

The coalition made contact with its Russian counterpart via telephone through an established “de-confliction line” in order to de-escalate e situation and prevent the firing, the statement stated.

US-led coalition forces' offensive

In recent weeks, the US-backed coalition forces have intensified its aerial bombing offensive in Raqqa province and Northern part Syria. Coalition troops have captured many militant-held districts and rounded the city of Raqqa.

The Syrian military, which has recaptured some of the terrorists held territories in eastern Aleppo, has been able to reclaim oil blocks and communities under the control of the Islamic State for nearly three years.

A Syrian Democratic Force's official told Reuters that the Syrian military had been engaged in clashes with the US-led coalition forces near the borders of the province of Raqqa and Maskaneh. The province is now under the coalition forces control.