The United States and china have once again agreed to join hands to denuclearize North Korea. This is after Chinese diplomats and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met in Washington on Saturday to discuss possible avenues of cooperation to ease the tension in the Korean peninsula, report by Daily Mail stated.

What did China and the US agree upon now?

Since the start of the Korean crisis after Trump took office, ties with China slowly cooled. The United States hoped during the onset of the crisis that China would step up and rein in its regional ally back to the diplomatic table.

China on the other hand, didn't show any aggressive actions to "discipline" the belligerent state. It continued limited trade with Pyongyang, which is enough for the rogue state to keep afloat while vigorously pursuing a ballistic and nuclear program.

The United States wanted more from China, but Beijing wasn't ready to casually abandon their ally to appease the clamor of America. However, due to the growing threat of North Korea actually developing nuclear capabilities, China had no alternative but to join hands with the US.

At first the diplomatic road proposed by China was a "dual suspension" deal, which entails the total removal of US. troops in South Korea and cease military drills with Seoul and North Korea's complete abandonment of any nuclear ambition.

This was unacceptable for the United States, especially due to the mutual distrust that have permeated between Pyongyang and Washington.

What will the United States do after gaining China's cooperation?

Aside from the Korean crisis, the United States and China have been at odds over the occupation and colonization of large areas of the South China Sea.

The Spratlys islands and most of the entire region, where major sea lanes pass through, are being claimed by China. The United States will not accept such claims thus forcing the American Navy to continually conduct "Freedom of Navigation" operations in the South China Sea.

China had started to consolidate its territory after the increased presence of the United States in the Korean peninsula.

Beijing began an expansive modernization of its military, air force and navy to cope up with the technological might of America. The United States hopes to create a major ally out of China but if it continues on its expansive policy and not pursue a rigorous effort to halt North Korea, drastic measures may be needed to end the belligerence of the small rogue nation, that is North Korea.