Satellite images made by the Israel-based ImageSat captured pictures of the Chinese naval base in Hainan island, showing what appears to be anti-ship missiles. The island, which is located at the southernmost point of china in the South China Sea is a major trade route in the region and is highly contested by other Asian nations.

Will the presence of Chinese missiles in the South China Sea affect US influence?

The United States is one of the major opponents of China in the South China Sea. At the moment, the only regional ally of the US in the area is the Philippines.

However, since the new Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte took office, the pro-American sentiments of the country slowly waned and they are warming relations with China.

The Philippines is mainly affected by China's southward expansion so the island nation's pivot to China continuous to move forward. Since President Duterte's visit to China, the two countries have engaged in cooperation with Beijing offering a multi-billion dollar economic package to help improve the infrastructure in the Philippines.

If Beijing completes its anti-ship missile umbrella in the South China Sea and completely captures the support of the Philippines, American influence in South East Asia will be drastically limited.

Taiwan will be sufficiently isolated if China succeeds in establishing complete control of the South China Sea

If the Chinese are successful in fast-paced installation constructions in the South Sea, Taiwan will be isolated from American support. The defiant island nation continues to be regarded by Beijing as a rebellious province rather than a sovereign state.

Because of this, the island nation, which is accepted as a member of the United Nations, is always under threat of invasion by its huge neighbor.

Taiwan's only the protection against the Chinese military from bearing down on this small island is the support of the United States. However, China is now slowly positioning itself to quickly change the political landscape of Asia and create a sphere of influence that will block the United States completely.

How will China's expansion affect the ongoing Korean crisis?

The country is North Korea's sole regional ally. Though they will not support Pyongyang's bid to become a nuclear power, Beijing needs North Korea as a buffer zone from the US-influenced South Korea. Beijing is trying its best to halt US influence in Asia, hoping to become a superpower capable of influencing its political atmosphere and landscape.

The United States must win over the ASEAN countries, which Trump has almost alienated through its tough talk of rescinding trade deals made by the previous administration. In the end, if the United States is lax in bridging relationships with Asian nations, Chinese power will increase until it can overwhelm American influence in countries like South Korea and even Japan.