The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) vowed after downing a government jet fighter that they will fight Assad's forces if provoked. The downed aircraft is now identified as an SU-22 fighter, which was intercepted due to alleged reports of attacking SDF personnel in Raqqa.

What is the state between the SDF and Assad's forces?

SDF Spokesperson Talal Selowas posted on Facebook that Assad's jet fighters have deliberately attacked rebel forces in liberated regions near the cities of Tabqa and Raqqa. This is in justification for the downing of an SU-22 Syrian fighter jet that has bombed SDF positions in the city of Raqqa during the attack against the remaining ISIS pockets in the city.

The Raqqa offensive had come to a snail's pace as ISIS fighters have entrenched themselves securely in the remaining few sectors in the city not liberated by SDF soldiers. In the meantime, Assad's forces are gaining ground as they plow through large areas of ISIS territory. This is a problem for SDF forces as they are slowly being encircled by government forces as they suffer a protracted fight in Raqqa.

the Syrian government will, at some point in time, have to confront the SDF fighters that are backed by the United States. It is still not sure what will happen after ISIS is defeated but it is highly likely that the two forces are headed to a blood-soaked conflict.

What will the United States do after ISIS is defeated in Syria?

Washington hasn't provided enough details on the post-war policy in Syria but as of the moment, fighting Assad isn't one of them. The problem of the United States fighting Assad is that the country is supported by Russia and Iran. A war with Assad might trigger a war with Russia, which will be catastrophic.

The Pentagon had released statements that American forces are not in Syria to topple Assad's government but only to protect U.S. assets in areas designated as deconfliction zones. However, with the rapid advance of government forces on reclaiming ISIS territories, Syria be a security problem for both the U.S. and SDF troops.

Russia has provided active support to Assad's forces on their attack on ISIS strongholds in Palmyra and the Eastern desert. As of the moment, the Syrian government had reached the Iraqi border and now liberated the Southern desert and much of Eastern Syria. A confrontation with the SDF is the most likely scenario once ISIS is taken out of the political landscape in Syria.