Unknown sources brought forth revelations to ABC News last week. They revealed that the most prominent official with the U.S. Department of Justice has covertly perceived to his partners that he may need to remove himself from the Russia probe surrounding the presidential election that occurred in 2016. The secluded remark from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is iconic considering the way that it reflects upon the government’s investigation on Russia. As of late the probe now incorporates a preliminary examination concerning whether President Donald Trump tried to engage in obstruction of justice by terminating James Comey’s employment as the FBI’s chief of staff.

Rosenstein meets with Brand

Rosenstein was the first federal official to compose a public announcement that suggested the Trump administration remove Comey from his appointment. According to the sources who choose to remain anonymous, he allegedly mentioned his proposed resignation after meeting with Rachel Brand. She is the Associate Attorney General and the third person in charge within the U.S. Department of Justice.

Rosenstein may appoint a special counsel as leaders of the Russia probe, but the political leader still has the final say so on all administrative decisions when it comes to staff, utilized resources, and even federal arraignments if need be.

During his conference with Brand, Rosenstein unveiled to her that in the event he somehow happened to relieve himself, she would need to venture in and assume control over the duties he leaves behind.

The discussion occurs only one month into Brand's confirmation into the position that she’s in now.

Political response to Rosenstein

Rosenstein’s last-minute declarations come as he begins to acknowledge that he may serve as a spectator in the investigation concerning the Russian government.

Brian Schatz, Senator of Hawaii, questioned Rosenstein on whether he may have an irreconcilable situation if he turns into an observer in the examination.

The prosecutor has yet to respond or provide a comment regarding that inquiry.

According to media reports, one source mentioned Rosenstein still can't formally ask legal counselors in the Department of Justice for their inclination on whether he should recuse himself. Any bona fide thought to resigning from the mission more than likely won’t even occur unless Rosenstein deliberately searches for such a conclusion.

If Rosenstein does somehow eventually declare he's resigned, it will address the latest bend in a staggering examination that is undeniably unpredictable.