People noticed what Barron Trump was wearing when he stepped out of Air Force One last Sunday with his parents. The J.Crew "The Expert" t-shirt is said to have been sold out within two hours, and parents can't purchase the shirt for their middle schoolers. While it might be true that parents can't get the t-shirt, it is not because Barron Trump was wearing it.

'The Expert' t-shirt

According to Business Insider, J. Crew said the store no longer has "The Expert" t-shirt in stock, but the reason is not because Barron was wearing it. The shirt is from its Spring 2015 collection and was sold-out long before the president's youngest son was seen wearing it as he strolled across the lawn with his parents.

Some people went so far as to say Barron was setting a fashion trend and was sending a message.

Even though it is a discontinued item from J.Crew, it would be wise for the retailer to restock it since there is a renewed interest in it. It seems like a lot of middle school boys would like to have one. Rumors about Barron’s $29.50 t-shirt selling out in hours are not surprising because this happens all the time when celebrities wear something interesting. When people see what they wear, they run out and purchase the identical item if they can find it in stores or online.

It will not be unusual for other stores to try to capitalize on the success of the item. Therefore, don't be surprised if a similar t-shirt is found in other stores.

Vendors might even make it in other colors with the words "The Expert" written in big bold letters across the center of the shirt.

Now that 11-year-old Barron is in Washington with his parents, he might be seen more often than when he was staying at Trump Tower in New York City. If his first sighting has gained this much attention, along with a two-year-old t-shirt from a ready-to-wear store, there will likely be more incidents in the future.

Free advertising for J.Crew

Surely, this has given the clothing brand even more free advertising. Former First Lady Michelle Obama often mentioned wearing outfits from J.Crew. The store sells affordable clothes and accessories for the entire family. The 34-year-old company operates more than 450 retail stores throughout the United States.

Fidget spinner

It was also pointed out that the First Son was playing with a fidget spinner. The toy that relieves stress has been out for a while, and most middle schoolers already have one. However, that didn't get as much attention as the t-shirt.