After six months in the White House, Donald Trump is still dealing with the growing Russian scandal. With Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifying in Congress, it was the president's son who decided to use social media to express his frustration.

Trump Jr. on Twitter

Over the last two years, Donald Trump has made Twitter his top form of communication due to the increased bad-blood between himself and the mainstream media. Throughout the 2016 presidential election, it became more than obvious that the former host of "The Apprentice" was not going to see eye to eye with the press.

Trump often went on to incorporate his hate for the media during his campaign rallies, labeling journalists as "terrible" people, prompting his millions of followers to follow in lock-step with that message. One issue that has caused the biggest rift between the president and the press has been over the aforementioned Russian scandal and the drama that has followed since Trump's election back in November. As multiple credible news outlets, as well as government agencies, reveal information that appears to link Trump and his associates to Russia, the White House continues to deny the allegations. On Tuesday, Jeff Sessions testified in Congress regarding the controversy, as well as his reported meetings with Russian officials.

As expected, the reaction was split down party lines, with Donald Trump Jr. giving his thoughts in a series of tweets on June 13.

During his testimony, Jeff Sessions was defiant in his argument, not backing down to the challenge presented to him.

Sessions addressed the allegations that he and the president were in collusion with Russia, calling it "appalling" and a "detestable lie."

Junior speaks.

As the testimony moved forward, Donald Jr. decided to take to Twitter to give his thoughts just as he had during the James Comey testimony last week. "Crushed it," he wrote in response to Jeff Sessions' opening statement.

"Well said AG Sessions: 'I did not recuse myself from defending my honor from false & scurrilous accusations,'" Donald Jr. wrote, while quoting Jeff Sessions. After a tweet was sent out by conservative Ben Shapiro dismissing the allegations that the attorney general colluded with Russia, the younger Trump re-tweeted the remark and added, "True but that won't stop them from trying."

In response to the DOJ sending out a letter about Jeff Sessions recusing himself from the Russian investigation, Donald Trump Jr.

wrote, "Interesting. I wonder if the media will cover that Comey said he wasn't notified. Someone's lying and it doesn't look like it's the AG!" Not stopping there, Donald Jr. responded to yet another comment that was critical of the Democrats being "obsessed" with Russia, tweeting, "Shhh. Don't tell them. They wouldn't get it anyway."

Donald Trump Jr. went on to reply to a tweet asking why he was live-tweeting the testimony instead of working, answering, "I was, it's why I got a late start, but I couldn't miss part 2 of the pathetic dem witch hunt train wreck." "Markets up again as dems messaging gets destroyed in these hearings.

It's the most they have ever actually done for the economy," he wrote in his last tweet as of press time, while highlighting the latest stock market numbers.

Moving forward

With Donald Trump once again silent on social media, his son doesn't seem too shy about tweeting his thoughts. While only time will tell how the Russian scandal plays out, the partisan divide and criticism doesn't look to be ending at any point in the near future.