Syrian forces under Assad's regime have reached the Iraqi border for the first time since it started its offensive against the Islamic state. Sources say that the Syrian government forces circled around U.S. backed Syrian rebels caught up in its offensive against Raqqa and reached the Iraqi border earlier on Friday.

What will Assad's forces do after retaking much of ISIS territory?

After the successful retaking of Palmyra, Assad's forces were blocked by the presence of U.S. backed rebel forces stationed in Al-Tanf. Syrian forces tried to approach this base but was swiftly dealt with by U.S.

air strikes in the de-confliction zone, an area around Al-Tanf where Syrian forces are warned not to enter.

Because of this setback, the Syrian government resulted in circling around this area and continue with the offensive against ISIS. The government army plowed mercilessly against the Islamic state and have considerably incurred a massive blow to the retreating terrorist group. The speed and ferocity of the Syrian government's offensive caught U.S. contingents in the Syria off-guard.

According to Col. Gen. Sergei Surovikin, Commander of Russian forces in Syria, the Russian backed Pro-Assad army have effectively blocked the U.S. from taking more territory from ISIS. At the moment, the Syrian army is advancing to Boukamal, another major ISIS stronghold near the Euphrates river in Eastern Syria.

Retaking this city will be a major victory for Assad's forces and a lost opportunity for the U.S. backed Syrian rebels.

What is the current status of U.S. backed forces in Syria?

Things are apparently not going well on the U.S. side as the Kurds haven't conquered Raqqa. However, the United States Central Command stated that it doesn't want to fight either the Syrian regime or the Russian forces backing them up.

The U.S. central command continued on that it will not hesitate to use appropriate measures to protect U.S. forces that are dedicated to defeat the ISIS group in Syria and Northern Iraq.

At the moment the major focus of the U.S. backed forces is the complete control of Raqqa. After this is a speedy thrust into Eastern Syria up to Iraq.

One of the major targets of the U.S. forces is Deir al-Zour, a major city near the Iraqi border which is rich in oil. Assad's forces are currently heading straight into the city. The U.S. military knows that allowing Assad to retake the city will boost its morale and power in the area and might even jeopardize U.S. plans in the Middle East.