The Syrian army announced that they are willing to plow through U.S. backed rebels as they push ISIS out of the country. In the last month, the Syrian army managed secure 5,000 square kilometers of territory from ISIS control. It is the biggest defeat inflicted on the terrorist group to date.

How rapid is the Syrian army's advance into ISIS lands?

According to the Syrian military, Assad's forces have advanced 1,400 square kilometers earlier this week into the Badiyeh region east of Tadmur (Palmyra). This is a significant thrust into ISIS territory while inflicting heavy casualties to the renegade jihadists.

The Syrian offensive called Operation Grand Dawn involves the securing of ISIS territory east of Palmyra and the capture of the Khneifis phosphate factories and mines. According to military sources, the first phase of this operation had been achieved and the next move is to push through the offensive and capture more ISIS territory.

However, the only hindrance to the Syrian advance is the territory held by U.S. backed rebels, who are against Assad's regime. The Syrian government had clearly stated that they will not hesitate to plow through rebel territory if it impedes their advance towards ridding ISIS from Syria.

How will the United States react to Syria's successful invasion of ISIS lands?

The United States had long been planning an attack on Raqqa, the main ISIS stronghold in Syria. However, the rapid advance of the Syrian forces caught the American-backed rebels off guard. The United States has issued a warning to Syria to back off from rebel-held territories or face the consequences, to which the Syrian army scoffed.

It is unsure how will the United States react to the Syrian advance, especially since Russia played a major part in its success. A few weeks ago, the United States approved a strike on Assad forces who are drawing near a rebel base that infuriated Syria. It is for certain that any push through rebel-held lands by the Syrian government will be faced with strikes coming from the United States.

Russia and Iran have openly placed their support for Assad and is expected to act in response to the United States support of rebel fighters in Syria. The Raqqa offensive is set any time this June and when it is underway, the ISIS threat will surely be exterminated in the Syria. The only question now is what will the United States do when the rebels and the Russian-backed Syrian forces finally go face to face.