A top secret report just out claims Russians hacked a U.S. Voting Systems manufacturer just days before the presidential election in 2016. The foundation of Donald Trump's presidency is already on shaky ground among Democrats. While mounting suspicion that Russian Hacking played a big role in electing Trump, the NSA's latest report may fuel more speculation that they manipulated the results.

According to The New York Post, a 25-year-old federal worker was arrested for leaking the top-secret report to the media, detailing how a Russian intelligence organization hacked into an American voting software company via a spear-phishing email scheme.

The breach targeted government organizations and employees.

Hackers compromise manufacturer's computer system

It's claimed that Russian intelligence agency, GRU, used the breach to target over 120 email addresses that linked them with local government offices, which might have been accessed from a prior cyber attack. It's unknown which manufacturer was targeted in the breach, but evidence suggests VR Systems is the victim.

How did the Russians obtain such sensitive material in their hacking of the voting systems manufacturer? The Hill reports that GRU hackers used a false Google alert requiring login information. The attack was also achieved by relying on malware-infected files that clued hackers in to the EViD poll book system.

Hackers also used a fake email account meant to be confused with a second company, according to the report.

To be clear, voting machines weren't affected by the Russian hacking -- it was the manufacturer's system. Furthermore, the report doesn't indicate that the information Russians got on the voting systems could be used to hack the machines themselves.

James Comey to testify

Former FBI Director James Comey will break his silence when he testifies in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding the investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin. All eyes will be on the hearing as Comey gives his account of what took place between he and Trump before he was unexpectedly fired.

It's believed Trump terminated him because he was inching closer to learning more about the alleged collusion.

Questions will continue to hover over Trump's presidency. This report of the Russians hacking a U.S. voting systems manufacturer will only cast more doubt, and further fuel Russian collusion claims.