The FBI is asking the public to assist in finding Donald Eugene Webb, who is a fugitive. There isn’t a statute of limitations for murder. Though the case is decades-old, Webb’s opportunity to face justice is wide open. He is accused of the 1980 murder of Gregory Adams, police chief, Saxonburg, PA.

A $100,000 reward is what the FBI is offering in exchange for information leading to Webb’s arrest or, as life may have run its course, finding his remains. To that end, the FBI has released better quality photographs of one of its most wanted fugitives.

Thomas MacDonald, FBI Special Agent, said the newly-released photographs put renewed focus on the case and present Webb in a new way. For decades, the face of the investigation was grainy. The photos were black and white.

Traffic stop led to murder of PA police chief

At the time he assaulted and mortally shot Adams on December 4, 1980, Webb was living with his stepson and his wife in New Bedford, PA. Webb killed the police chief following a routine traffic stop, according to authorities. Webb was scouting for a possible burglary target in Pennsylvania at the time, authorities believe.

On December 21, 1980, the Mercury Cougar that Webb was driving was found in Warwick, RI, in a hotel parking lot.

After killing Adams, according to the FBI, Webb went back to the New England region. Blood was found inside the car, giving the indication that he was injured in the confrontation with Adams.

Webb was 50-years-old and a career criminal when the chief was murdered. He specialized in burglarizing jewelry stores. He was also facing federal charges for robbery of a jewelry store in New York.

While in lived in New Bedford, he associated with others who were from Taunton and Fall River, MA, and who were tied to people in the Patriarca Crime Family of Providence, RI, according to the FBI.

Webb lived in motels in eastern Pennsylvania, authorities said. He used the name of his wife’s deceased husband, Stanley Portas.

Late December 1980, there was a federal arrest warrant for Webb, fleeing to avoid prosecution. For reportedly killing Adams, he was charged with first-degree murder.

FBI’s description of most wanted fugitive

The photographs just released by the FBI are of Webb with his wife on a cruise they took July 1979. He might also have the name Don tattooed on his right hand and the name Ann on his chest. He dresses flashy, tips big, and loves dogs. Webb is reportedly allergic to penicillin.

Aliases Webb is known to have used include Donald Eugene Pierce, Donald Eugene Perkins, A.D.

Baker, Stanley John Portas, John S. Portas, Eugene Bevlin Webb, Bev Webb, Stanley Webb, and Eugene Donald Webb.

Special Agent in Charge, Harold Shaw, FBI Boston Division, said the FBI can’t determine that Webb is dead without verification. Considering that Webb would now be 85-years-old, the FBI wants to offer people in Saxonburg and the Adams’ family some closure. Anyone who has information that can lead to his apprehension or to discovering his remains is asked to call the FBI at (800) 225-5324.