U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis revealed the new war strategy in Afghanistan will involve pressuring Pakistan to fight terrorism. The said country is known for being a haven for Taliban splinter groups linked to terrorist cells attacking American and Afghan soldiers in Afghanistan. Mattis said this strategy after President Trump approved the deployment of thousands of American soldiers back into the war-torn country.

Why is Pakistan not cooperating with the U.S. to fight terrorism?

According to U.S. Military Intelligence, there is high suspicion that terrorist groups like the Haqqani, a Taliban splinter group, are actually supported by the Pakistan Military.

Because of this, Mattis said the Pentagon needs to pressure Pakistan to toughen up its policy against terrorist organization. However, he added that in order to have Pakistan on board, the U.S. must provide incentives for the government to hunt terrorists.

According to the Washington Examiner, the Defense Secretary also pointed out that in order to win the war in Afghanistan, a purely military approach is not enough. He said that the problem in Afghanistan must not be treated locally but a South Asian problem, which means U.S. cooperation with neighboring countries. Mattis also emphasized that in order to achieve lasting peace, any strategy must focus on ending the war with reconciliation.

How will the United States end the war in Afghanistan?

President Trump approved the order to deploy 3,000 - 4,000 U.S. troops back into Afghanistan. The troops are to assist the Afghan government until it is strong enough to govern the country independently. Mattis said that they will avoid all of the mistakes made by the Obama administration and focus on eradicating the country of Taliban resistance fighters.

Once additional U.S. troops arrive in Afghanistan, most will serve as advisers and trainers of the Afghan army. Also, NATO troops will provide support for the coalition and help in tactical operations against the fleeting terrorist group. Northern Afghanistan is the most problematic area in the country and this will be the main focus of the new coalition in the area.

If Pakistan cooperates with the United States, the Taliban group will be sandwiched between two powerful armies eager to end their existence.

The war in Afghanistan is the longest conflict in American history. It has claimed more than 6,000 American lives and the numbers are still rising. In a question raised to Mattis if the United States can win this war, he said that winning is achievable, but the international community must step up and cooperate more in this global war.