A man identified only as “Richard Doe” asserts that former U.S. House Speaker, Dennis Hastert, age 75, raped him, four decades ago, in a Yorkville grade school bathroom. His suit claims that he was either 9-or-10-years-old when the assault took place after a man, he did not recognize at the time, entered the stall and sodomized him.

Doe, then, recognized the teacher and coach as his attacker when he was in gym class. He alleges it was Hastert, who warned him not to tell. He also claims that Hastert lied by telling him that his parents could be arrested and placed in jail since his father was a sheriff.

New accuser allegedly attempted to report Hastert to State's Attorney office

The victim contends that, though he attempted to report the crime in the mid-1990s to the State’s Attorney office in Kendall County, he was accused of slander against Hastert. At the time, his alleged attacker had a rising career in politics in Illinois.

Doe seeks monetary damages, in the amount of $50,000, from Hastert, as well as Yorkville Community School District 115.

The aging Hastert is incarcerated in a federal prison in Rochester, Minnesota; the facility is for inmates needing long-term medical care. He’s nearly completed his 15-month sentence, and his parole is scheduled for August 16. With good behavior, he could be released earlier.

He plead guilty to a financial crime. When he withdrew nearly $1 million to quiet a Yorkville High School athlete he victimized, he violated withdrawal reporting requirements. At his 2016 sentencing hearing, he did admit to having Sexually Abused Boys but he did not face sex-related charges since the statute of limitations had expired, according to prosecutors.

He had withdrawn funds to silence the victim and avoid detection.

Hastert overdue in making good on hush money pact with another victim

Presently middle-age and married, the man identified as “Individual A” – formerly a student-athlete Hastert coached – claims that he is still owed approximately $1.8 million, of $3.5 million, from the 2010 pact to keep quiet about molesting him.

He only paid $1.7 million and, then, the FBI made its discovery of the financial crime.

The newly-surfaced accuser is an Illinois resident, known in his lawsuit as “Doe,” seeking money for damages resulting from battery (in 1973 or 1974) and for both mental and emotional distress. Doe claims, also, that when he was either 20 or 21, he went to the Kendall County State’s Attorney’s office for the purpose of reporting the alleged crime.

After speaking with Hastert’s political mentor about the alleged sexual abuse, he was threatened with possibly being charge with a crime. According to the lawsuit, the man said Doe was slandering Hastert.

Not long after that, the suit claims, Hastert was elected.

He was in the United States House of Representatives.

Doe claims that he tried to suppress his memories of being sodomized as Hastert became more politically prominent. When news reports of male students abused by Hastert started surfacing, and he was indicted in 2015, Doe thought he might also have a claim against Hastert, states the lawsuit represented by Chicago’s Patterson Law Firm.