23-year-old William Boucher was at a Chicago Starbucks outlet on Tuesday, when someone spilled their coffee on him. Boucher became angry, using racial slurs, spitting on people and eventually punching a 59-year-old man. He has now been charged with three counts of Misdemeanor Battery.

Customer spills coffee on Chicago man at Starbucks

According to police, the incident happened just after 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday at a Starbucks on West Lake Street in the Loop in Chicago, when a customer accidentally spilled their coffee on Boucher. Boucher became angry and the altercation then headed out onto the sidewalk.

Once outside the Starbucks, Boucher then spat on a 34-year-old woman and 30-year-old man. CNN reports that he then went on to punch a 59-year-old man, causing an eye injury and leading to the man being taken to the hospital.

Incident at Starbucks captured on video

As reported by ABC 7 in the video below, captured at the scene, Boucher can be heard to say the unidentified man who spilled coffee on him was “disgusting.” At that moment, an employee tries to intervene by standing between the customer and Boucher.

Fight is taken outside Starbucks

Once outside the coffee shop, Boucher can be seen to walk up to a black man who was videotaping the incident. Two people stepped in between the two men, while Boucher told the unidentified black man that his children were “disposable vermin,” before he walked away. When a second black man approached him, Boucher referred to him as a “slave” and told him to shut up and not talk to him.

Boucher spits on man videoing incident then punches bystander

One bystander attempted to calm Boucher, who went on to spit at the unidentified man who had been videoing the incident. Someone then tried to stand between the two men to prevent a fight, after which Boucher told him to “get on all fours,” and to not talk away on two legs.

He could then be seen walking away from the incident, but shortly afterward was seen to punch another man who was walking towards him. That man fell to the ground. He was then detained by the person he spat on until the police arrived. Various other bystanders also tackled Boucher at the scene.

Starbucks employee Juan Torres said he was shocked because he thought the incident was going to “end right there,” with security and the police showing up. However, it didn’t end there. Torres said when he was coming to work he wasn’t expecting to see people calling out racist slurs.

A spokeswoman for Starbucks made a statement via email to say they have no tolerance for that kind of behavior in their stores. She went on to say they were grateful to the employees and customers who intervened in the incident until the officers arrived.