"TrumpiLeaks" is a new website launched by film producer, Michael Moore, for whistleblowers in the Trump administration who want to share information. The secure website consists of encrypted messaging apps for leakers to send material either digitally or through the mail. Apps featured are Signal and Peerio. Anyone who has damaging information on the president or feels he or she has a responsibility to get the truth out, may now have a retreat.

Michael Moore wants Trump out of office

Michael Moore is a vocal critic of Donald Trump and has made calls for him to step down from office, often citing the popular vote in his arguments.

Hillary Clinton received three million more popular votes than Trump and Moore insists the vast majority of people don't want Trump as president. He went as far as going inside Trump Tower after the election in an attempt to personally request he refuse to accept the presidency. He's currently working on a film about Trump's administration called “Fahrenheit 11/9."

The documentary filmmaker and liberal activist wrote on the TrumpiLeaks website that it's a whistelblower's "patriotic duty" to leak information coming from the White House. Moore writes in his message that by the time someone is done reading the letter, there's a "decent chance" Donald Trump has done any number of unethical or illegal actions.

Some of those include violating the constitution, obstructing justice, deceiving the American people, inciting violence, or doing something worthy of serving time in prison, but has been able to get away with it.

Russian hacking leak exposed

TrumpiLeaks comes out one day after a 25-year-old federal worker by the name of Reality Leigh Winner leaked classified material from the NSA to the media about the Russians hacking a U.S.

voting systems manufacturer months before the 2016 election. The information was top-secret and managed to get out, which prompted Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to say leakers must be found because there can't be people in the intelligence community "willy nilly releasing" that kind of information to the public.

Trump may have more to worry about

Will TrumpiLeaks bring an onslaught of new information to the surface that may otherwise stay quiet? If Donald Trump thought he had a lot to worry about when it came to leakers before, he may not know what's ahead if anyone chooses to hand information to Michael Moore.