A new Melania Trump statue erected in Bosnia is getting some Attention. A sculpture meant to resemble the first lady is making headlines after Stevo Selak created the piece to grace his backyard in Banja Luka. According to Daily Mirror, Selak was inspired by his earlier sculpture of Russian President Vladimir Putin, so he decided to make additional statues in the form of President Donald Trump and his wife.

Statue of Melania getting attention

The Melania Trump sculpture is getting mixed reactions with critics saying the artist didn't capture Melania's beauty.

Selak feels differently, however. He's proud of his sculpture, declaring that he "really got her characteristics." The figure is made in gypsum plaster and stands near Trump's statue, which is in a suit with his hand on Putin's shoulder -- perhaps a nod to the supposed real-life relationship the two world leaders are rumored to have.

Mixed reactions to sculpture

The statue of Melania is in a strapless white dress holding a pink clutch and wearing white heels (though not as high as the heels she's normally seen in).

Though art is subjective, the sculpture doesn't look much like the first lady other than the hair being somewhat similar in style and the fact no smile is on her face. Certain traits are lacking, such as Mrs. Trumps' smoldering expression, riveting eyes, and amazing figure. Nevertheless, Selak has a unique style that's seen in all of his statues.

He said he consulted with a hairstylist to get Melania's hair just right. Furthermore, he says a lot of people are impressed with the sculpture and see the likeness. The artist admits that women are harder to sculpt than men because they have more curves.

Melania Trump will probably inspire others to craft more works of art, especially since she's one of the most attractive women to hold the title of first lady.

She's also the wife of one of the most controversial presidents ever to run the country. The public still doesn't know all that much about Melania other than she's raising 11-year-old Barron Trump, lives in Trump Tower, and makes the required appearances with her husband. She and Barron will be moving into the White House when the current school year ends.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Do you think the statue looks anything like Melania Trump? For some people, exact likeness is inconsequential when it comes to creativity and imagination in the art world.