Kathy Griffin has reportedly spoken out about the recent controversy with trump's beheading photo. On Friday, Griffin and Attorney Lisa Bloom addressed the issues concerning the controversial photo shoot of Tyler Shields which cost her job termination in CNN. They set the record straight as they explained the real motive behind Trump's beheading photo.

Further, both responded constructively to the numerous backlash and bullying which the comedian received from Trump's supporters and foes. On Griffin's behalf, Blossom spoke for her and argued that the comedian has the right to imitate the US president publicly.

Blossom also added that the photo was only intended to make an entertainment to the audience and it wasn't meant to harass anyone.

Photo not a threat of violence

During the press conference, Griffin aired her side and talked about the apology she made on Twitter. The comedian host added that she stands for being sorry; however, she is not afraid of Donald Trump. She said of the president, "He's a bully."

She also added that she felt horrible about the photo and even insisted that something must be changed with it. Over the years of her career, she loves what she does, and she loves making other people laugh more than anything else in this world. However, she just couldn't accept the fact with the kind of idea that people had put forth with the photo.

She intended no cause of violence at all to anyone.

Further, Griffin also insisted that if she could redo everything, then she would probably make use of a doll but with no ketchup at all. She admittedly made her mistakes. However, she ended her statement by firmly saying, "If you don't stand up, you get run over."

Griffin to make more fun of Trump

As Griffin fights back against the abuse and threats she received, the comedian added that she wouldn't stop making fun of Trump.

Instead, she will make more fun of him more often. On her recent conference, she tearfully admitted that she fears that her career is over. Basically, she considered Trump as the person who broke her.

Since the controversial photo came out, she immediately lost her job in CNN and also had her four comedy shows canceled. Moreover, she was also publicly criticized through videos by the US First Lady Melania Trump.

She also revealed that she was contacted by the Secret Service and insisted that Trump wanted to ruin her rights forever. However, in one of her defiant moment, Griffin bravely stated that "I’ll continue to make more fun of him.”