Since the release of “Man of Steel,” the DC Extended Universe has been lacking that one movie worthy of watching multiple times. But that has come to an end with the release of “Wonder Woman” not too long ago and we can only hope the success continues for many years to come.

With the “Wonder Woman” film now in theaters around the world, director Patty Jenkins is viewed as the savior the DC movies needed, She’s standing tall today, and could stand even taller if she gets the chance to direct another film under the DC line.

Multiple picture contract

New reports have claimed Warner Bros. managed to get Patty Jenkins to sign a multi-picture deal, which means she could end up being the one to direct the sequel to “Wonder Woman” and possibly other films in the universe. Nothing has yet been confirmed, but it would make sense for Warner Bros. to work with her again seeing as she brought the DC Extended Universe from the gutter.

We should point out that Patty Jenkins nor Warner Bros. have yet to confirm whether or not they will team up for a sequel. Still, with the current film tracking to debut at $100 million or more, it’s safe to say Warner Bros. would want to have her onboard for a second shot.

Nothing is set in stone

If history is anything to go by, one needs to realize that not every director returns for a sequel to any particular film. Tim Miller, the director of “Deadpool,” was set to come back for part 2. However, talks didn’t go according to plan, and now a different director is sitting in the hot seat.

The same thing could happen to “Wonder Woman,” whenever Warner Bros.

feels the need to release a sequel.

What we’d want to see from a sequel

The origin story is set in World War 1, and that’s fine. From the film, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” it’s clear Diana lives long enough to see the future, and during that time, she must have seen and done some crazy things.

We’d like to know more about what happened after she became Wonder Woman.

In BvS, she complained that she walked away from humanity in the past, and that’s something the writers could focus on with the next film. Why did she walk away, and what were her thoughts after World War 2 and realizing her battle with Ares in World War 1 was for naught?

Maybe Diana could face off against another deity, or even one of the villains from her rogue gallery. Hopefully, Warner Bros. can mimic the success of “Wonder Woman” with “Justice League” later this year.