Many have spoken against Kathy Griffin when a photo of her holding a beheaded Trump circulated online. It seemed that both Trump's supporters and foes had criticized Griffin on the social media. She was even terminated from CNN as co-host of the network's annual New Year's Eve special.

Despite what happened, Jim Carrey, her fellow comedian, stood up in defense of her controversy. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Carrey said that it is the task of a comedian to cross the line at all times.

'Comedians are last voice of truth'

Jim Carrey believes that comedians know when they've gone too far.

As a matter of fact, it is believed that it is their job to always cross beyond the limits. Comedians are believed to be the last voice of truth. Carrey added that stepping into the spotlight and doing crazy things is the kind of work they do. However, he also emphasized that whatever they do, it is their last line of defense.

Further, another person has come into defense for Griffin. Larry King also took to Twitter and aired his side. He wonders why people continue to criticize Griffin when, in fact, she already apologized for what happened. He added that people should accept her apology and move on from the controversy. Meanwhile, another comedian went against the CNN host as Dan Aykroyd told reporters that the comedian really went too far with her beheading stunt.

Press conference for Griffin

Amidst all strong reactions and criticisms that Griffin received, she is very excited to appear in a press conference on Friday, together with her attorney, Lisa Bloom.

In Bloom's tweet, she explained that they will make a clear explanation as to what the controversial photo really means. Further, the details of the said press conference will be announced soon through social media.

To recall, Griffin has removed the photo she posted on Twitter pointing out Trump beheading stunt. Late on Tuesday, the comedian made an apology; but Trump's supporters and other high-profile personalities have already shared their strong comments online.

In fact, it was a kind of Twitter backlash for Griffin. Nonetheless, she has apologized and accepted her mistakes. However, it seems like people haven't moved on yet from her mistake.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service is still investigating the photo of Trump Griffin posted. They monitor and investigate social media content that imposes threats.