CNN network has finally reached the verdict for 56-year-old comedian Kathy Griffin. The decision came a day after Griffin's unexpected act. It can be recalled how she held up a bloody head that resembles President Donald Trump and then the photo went viral on Twitter. "CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year's Eve program," the network revealed. Meanwhile, Griffin did apologize for the photos taken by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields.

What's Next for Kathy Griffin

Griffin asked for forgiveness on her Instagram post late Tuesday, believing that she went overboard.

The comedian acknowledged her mistake and admitted she was wrong. Moreover, the prominent TV host already asked Shields to take the photo down as it is 'too disturbing.' Since 2007, Griffin has been co-hosting the annual New Year's Eve program on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

The bond between the male journalist and Griffin is a usual topic on social media during the ball drop countdown. A CNN spokesperson described the photos on Tuesday as 'offensive and disgusting.' Even Cooper was dismayed by the photo shoot. On Twitter, he expressed that it is completely inappropriate and unacceptable. In addition, the 35-year-old photographer Shields, who is known for his provocative shots, set social media on fire after releasing the images.

Donald Trump on his beheaded self

On Wednesday, the President tweeted that Griffin should be ashamed of herself. According to CNN Media, Trump pointed out that his children, especially his 11-year-old son Barron Trump are having a hard time with the issue.

As expected, First Lady Melania Trump also expressed her disappointment towards the matter. She questioned the mentality of whoever was the culprit.

Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of Trump's campaign rival Hillary Clinton and even she -- now 37-years-old-- showed she's on the President's side.

Clintons' only child dubbed the images as 'wrong and vile.' She added that there is no humor in killing the President.

Behind the scenes

It seems that Griffin was well aware of the photos' possible effect. Shields initially posted a behind the scene video where Griffin joked about moving to Mexico once the images were released. Unfortunately, this has already been deleted. Aside from being fired, several ads and performances starring Kathy Griffin were canceled. Stay tuned to know more updates about her career!