Ivanka Trump has been credited for having more influence over her father than almost anyone else, but she's been the target of intense criticism since having a high-profile role at the White House. She managed to shock a lot of people after making a few admissions about life in Washington, D.C. Was she naive in her thinking?

President's daughter thought things wouldn't be so personal

In an interview with "Fox and Friends" on Monday, Ivanka expressed how surprised she was at the hits she's taken from the public on a personal level. She told the hosts that she was "a little blindsided" by the "level of viciousness" that she's been slammed with.

Trump's daughter continued that the "ferocity" from the media has taken her by surprise, but realizes the gravity of transformation that her father's administration is trying to implement isn't suppose to be easy.

The 34-year-old's response astounded people on Twitter as they were in disbelief at how naive she came across. Several skewered her for acting surprised at being viciously attacked considering her father is doing everything in his power to destroy Obama's legacy.

Ivanka Trump was asked how she handles a workday amid distractions of the Russian investigation and she said she tries to keep her head down, work hard, and ignore all the noise. She acknowledged the difficulties that working-class people go through in her answer by saying that difficult amounts to a "factory worker who's been laid off.

Difficult is the mother who lost a child to opioid abuse. So these are the real challenges and I think that does put it in perspective."

The first daughter takes a lot of heat in the press and on social media

Washington, D.C. is a totally different world than business in New York City, which the Trump family is learning. Critics of the president aren't just ripping into him, but his daughter as well.

She experiences a harsh degree of backlash in almost every tweet she posts, such as when she reached out to the LGBTQ community by addressing June as Pride Month. It was viewed as disingenuous after losing the so-called "influence" she has over her father when it came to the Paris Agreement. People on Twitter blasted her for not caring about anyone or anything except personal gain.

Jared Kushner "loves" his job

Reports a few weeks ago claimed that Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, will do a six-month review of their situation in Washington because they're "unhappy." An article stated that the two will look at their lives and assess whether to leave politics and return to their personal lives in New York City. A source told Politico that the pair isn't happy and that Jared hasn't accomplished what he's wanted to in Washington as Trump's senior adviser. Ivanka, however, told "Fox and Friends" that Jared "loves" his job as her father's senior adviser and is contributing to making positive changes in the administration. It's been alleged that Kushner proposed a secret back channel so Russian officials could communicate with members of the Trump campaign after the election.

Ivanka Trump added in her interview that "there's a 24-hour news cycle that gets fed by and is encouraged by lots of salacious details." She shared that Jared doesn't get caught up in the viciousness of that and stays focused on his work.