Ivanka Trump is in the thick of the political world serving as her father's special assistant. She's in his ear on several issues and admits to giving the president "candid" input and opinions on the matters at hand. As the nation watches the unique father-daughter relationship inside the White House, an actual account of what goes on between them is revealed in interviews she gives. Her latest interview on "Fox and Friends" was interesting to say the least when she claimed to "avoid politics" and "leave it to others." Is she uncomfortable in her job at the White House?

Trump's daughter downplays her role in Washington

When Ivanka Trump was asked how she feels about her father's Twitter habits, she didn't give the most realistic answer. She simply replied, "I try to stay away from politics." Being an assistant to the president and having various causes she supports, such as prevention in human trafficking and paid paternity leave, doesn't make her exempt from politics. What's more, her husband Jared Kushner is Trump's senior adviser.

When she was asked if she'd ever run for office, she downplayed her role once more by saying that politics isn't for her and that she avoids being political. The 34-year-old said she leaves politics "to other people." Trump's daughter went on to say that she's not "really a political person," but is a self-described "idealist."

Ivanka Trump insists that she prefers to "lean on the issues" she "cares deeply about." Is Ivanka expressing a level of discomfort in her position at the White House?

In a previous segment of "Fox and Friends," Ivanka said she was shocked at the amount of criticism thrown at her father when he entered office. On top of that, she's the target of mean-spirited comments on social media and deals with scathing attacks daily.

All of the president's children are 'political'

Social media reacted to Ivanka alleging that she's not political by saying that being in the White House means just that, and she shouldn't be in Washington if she feels that way.

It goes without saying that anyone who's a part of the U.S. president's inner circle is political regardless of prior experience. The Trumps were strictly business professionals before the presidential election kicked off, but that all changed when Donald Trump announced his run for office. Now Trump, his adult children, and son-in-law are knee-deep in politics. Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump aren't part of the administration, but they're vocal when it comes to defending the administration, lashing out at critics.