Ivanka Trump is on the cover of Us Magazine with the title, "Ivanka Takes A Stand: Why I disagree with my Dad." It's already the subject of memes and ridicule on Twitter with users trolling her with sarcasm.

After failing to convince her father to remain in the Paris Agreement, many are disgusted with the first daughter working in Washington, D.C. as the special assistant to the president.

Ivanka was "disappointed" over Paris Agreement

In the article, a source says Ivanka Trump was "disappointed" in her father's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, but has learned to not to dwell on her defeats.

She and her husband, Jared Kushner, are a "big influence on Donald," the source goes on to explain. While the president takes their advice into account, he also listens to the opinions of others and winds up doing something they may disagree with. "The win some, they lose some," the insider quips.

Ivanka has gotten into heated discussions with her dad on many issues ranging from LGBT rights to the North American Free Trade Agreement. Kushner, Trump's senior adviser, did sway him to remain in the free trade agreement, however.

A friend of Ivanka's insists the 35-year-old is the best person giving the president advice, claiming “she’s the person he listens to more than anyone." Ivanka told Gayle King in an April interview that she expresses herself with "total candor" on issues that she and Trump disagree with.

In an interview with The New York Times, the first daughter shares that she "goes to the mat" on certain issues, but may be unable to make her father agree with her point of view. She prefers to think that maybe she "modified a position just slightly" as a coping mechanism.

Ivanka's cover trolled on Twitter

The Us cover has drawn widespread criticism with trollers on Twitter.

One is seen below with the caption, "Ivanka thank you so so much." Others have manipulated the magazine cover with their own title versions, with one making the title read, "Why I Publicly Pretend to Disagree with My Dad." Another one had superimposed a finger over Ivanka's mouth as though she's saying, "shhhh," adding on the magazine cover, "Why I Silently Disagree with My Dad."

Several more mocked Ivanka Trump as a hero and for being the one person in the White House they can't live without because she's doing so much. Countless memes have been posted on Twitter over the cover. Ivanka Trump told Gayle King that politics is a tough business and it's not getting any easier for her in Washington, D.C.