Ivanka Trump is usually spotted in expensive clothes that are unattainable for most women in America. On Monday, she showed a more relatable side of herself when she stepped out of her Washington, D.C. house wearing a dress from Target. According to reports, the first daughter's dress is from Victoria Beckham's Target line.

The first daughter stuns in affordable mini-dress

Photographers captured Ivanka Trump wearing a sleeveless black calla lily-printed mini-dress that was paired with lace-up high heels and a basic black handbag that was from her eponymous fashion line.

The dress had a large ruffled hemline and showed off her long legs. She accessorized the look with gold earrings, a bracelet, and sunglasses.

Ivanka attended the annual Ford Theatre Gala with her husband, Jared Kushner, on Sunday. Ivanka wore a $5,500 J Mendel gown that had a black lace pattern on the shoulders and waist. The look was completed with a silver clutch, shiny earrings, and silver sandals.

Ivanka still navigating Washington

It's been rough several days for Ivanka After her father withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement.

It was seen as a loss for Ivanka because she reportedly tried convincing him to stay in the accord. In the end, Trump decided against it, much to the dismay of his daughter and Kushner, who's also his senior adviser. The two are finding out that things aren't all that easy in Washington, D.C.

Ivanka Trump is still navigating Washington.

It's a far cry from life in New York City where being a businesswoman is a little different than being an assistant to the president -- daughter or not. She told Gayle King in an interview recently that politics is a tough business. Perhaps that has something to do with she and Kushner doing a six-month review on whether to go back to private life in New York.

Apparently, Ivanka is "unhappy" in Washington and her husband hasn't accomplished the things he's wanted to at the White House. Kushner is a person of interest in the FBI's investigation into the notion that the Russians colluded with the Trump campaign.

Ivanka acknowledged LGBTQ Pride Month by writing a message on her Twitter account, but it was met with vitriol. Several on social media rejected her supported, accusing her of being fake and uncaring for anything other than herself. It was viewed as a pivot from her focus on the Paris Agreement and the gay community wasn't interested in being a part of her political agenda.

Is Ivanka Trump's dress from Target a strategy to reach out to working-class Americans?

It might be as simple as she liked a dress that so happened to be what a lot of Americans can afford. What makes it newsworthy is Ivanka can buy anything she wants and regularly dons dresses worth thousands of dollars.