When Donald Trump was a candidate, the media was always on edge to report the next controversial thing he might say or do. His rival candidate Hillary Clinton predicted that he would take to Twitter as president to berate anyone he didn't like. Months into his presidency, Donald Trump has done exactly that. And with former FBI Director James Comey's post-firing testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committe, White House officials are promising that the President will give another "show."

According to those officials -- about 20 of them and all requesting to remain anonymous -- Trump will likely take to Twitter to fire back at Comey during his testimony.

Trump officials promise he will hit back

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday night in a title that says it all: " Trump, furious and frustrated, gears up to ‘punch back’ at Comey testimony", which also documented a response from Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich that the President was not going to "let a guy like that" (James Comey) smear him.

James Comey was fired by the Trump administration in May for what even the President himself has said was because Comey would not stop his investigation on Trump aides for colluding with Russian officials.

Much of the fallout from the firing took place as more stories began to pour out of the White House that the former FBI Director had kept memos of his conversations with the President.

The memos reportedly document the times when the President might have incriminated himself in front of Comey. Recent reports say that Comey asked the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions to not leave him alone with Trump feeling that direct contact was inappropriate.

Attempts to influence officials and public debate

Other reports circulating at the time was that the President asked two intelligence officials to block the FBI's investigation, which match up with Comey's claims that he was asked to do the same.

Along with these reports, Trump was also said to have told Russian officials who were at the White House after the firing, that he had relieved the pressure of an investigation that the FBI had brought on him. Both of those intelligence officials, NSA Director Mike Rogers and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, were before the Senate Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

They blatantly refused to even say if they had been asked to push back against the FBI which reportedly frustrated both Democrats and Republicans.

The frequent reports seen to have made it worse for the administration as the Department of Justice named special prosecutor Robert Mueller to take over the investigation which has further expanded into one of criminal intent. Blasting News has already reported a similar reaction that's expected from the White House where officials have said they're planning on trying "attack" Mueller during his investigation in order to make him less credible in the public eye.

The Washington Post also said, however, that despite the expectations that he's going to use his Twitter account to attack the former FBI official, White House aides have said they're going to try and keep him busy. But no one seems to have the power to stop him from tweeting.