Ivanka Trump is currently serving as the advisor to her father, U.S. President Donald Trump, in the White House. This means that she has to constantly keep up with policies and governmental decisions being taken at home and on foreign soil as well. However, one of her claims during a recent interview has confused some, while others have accused her of avoiding a simple question.

In a Fox News interview, Ivanka claimed that she tries "to stay out of politics." This was her reply to a question regarding her father’s use of Twitter and whether she advised him on what to post on the microblogging site.

The fact that Ivanka responded in such a fashion seems odd considering the question was a simple one.

President’s advisor tries to stay out of politics?

The statement has come under fire from many since she is currently serving as the advisor to the President of the United States. She officially holds a post in the administration, which requires her to monitor politics and the governmental machinery regularly in order to keep herself informed. It is the only way that she can advise the president in case he ever needs counsel.

It, then, becomes highly unlikely that Donald Trump’s daughter can afford to ignore politics. People instead believe that what she said during the interview was a ploy to not answer the question directly.

President Trump’s use of Twitter to share his opinions and even certain government policies have come under the scanner. This is why Ivanka was asked the question during the interview but chose to avoid answering directly.

Ivanka Trump’s disagreements with the President

While Ivanka claimed she tries to stay out of politics, she has been an important part of Trump’s Presidential campaign.

In an earlier interview with Fox & Friends, she claimed that the administration was focused on why the people in the U.S. elected her father as president and were working on implementing those changes.

During Monday’s interview, she was also grilled about her opinion toward her father’s decision of pulling out of the Paris Agreement concerning climate change.

Being a former registered Democrat in New York, she revealed that these were some issues on which she did not completely agree with her father.

She stated that it was true that she was not aligned 100 percent with everything Donald Trump was doing, but also believed that their opinions would vary in some respects. Ivanka said that their differing beliefs were healthy in terms of decision-making.