This year, the man who made Under Armour famous has brought his team to the NBA Finals victory. The Golden State Warriors are proud to have Stephen Curry who worked hard for the title. Of course, it is all about teamwork, but the 29-year-old basketeer's talent became evident. He smoked the celebratory cigar right after the declaration of their victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Stephen Curry smoked the victory cigar after the win

The Warriors defeated the Cavaliers with 129-120 score, redeeming last year's loss. Ayesha Curry’s husband revealed that the cigar he smoked on national television was already prepared since last year.

The Warriors expected to grab the title last year but did not make it. Curry told his teammates to keep the symbolic cigar for this year.

Curry is not one of those NBA players that receive enormous salaries. In fact, he is in the 82nd spot on the list of the highest-paid NBA players. His $44-million contract ends this year and he will hit a free-agent market. Curry's salary was reported at $12.1 this season which is the fourth-highest on his team.

Curry's career is more than just money

The NBA champion revealed that he did not care at all how much his fellow NBA players earn, according to AOL. Even if those players are not as good as him, yet they receive much higher salaries, he does not mind at all.

Stephen Curry revealed that there is one thing he learned from his father that influenced how he looks at his salary. He revealed that his father told him not to count others’ money but to focus on how much he has and how he must use his income. His father, Dell Curry, influenced him to stay motivated despite a much smaller salary.

He further said that if he has problems with the $44 million that his contract stipulates, then there is something wrong with him.

Curry is a devout Christian who loves Jesus Christ. The shoes he wears show his faith and he has them printed with Bible verses as per Trending News Portal. Last year, he had “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me” printed on his shoes.

This year, it is “And we know that all things work together for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”

The superstar attributes his skill, talent, and agility from God. In an interview, Stephen Curry revealed that he plays his games not for the score but to share his life’s testimony. This is the reason why the Golden State Warriors’ pride is not particular with his salary but he is more concerned about how to share his faith.