Lauren Graham does not think another revival of her popular comedy drama, "Gilmore Girls," will do any good for the story of the fan-favorite series. In fact, the actress left many fans heartbroken when she frankly said that a follow-up of "A Year in the Life" would only disappoint their loyal supporters who have followed the show since day one.

'There's far more risk to continue'

The veteran actress, who brought Lorelei Gilmore to life, clarified that she is not ruling out the idea of doing another revival of "Gilmore Girls." She, however, thinks that the idea may not meet the expectations of their loyal viewers who have been asking for more since "A Year In The Life" premiered on November 25, 2016.

Although the revival series came nine years after the last episode of "Gilmore Girls" aired in 2007, the reboot, as expected, received positive reviews, which prompted speculation of a potential second season of "A Year in the Life." In fact, Netflix is reportedly keen to pick up the possible sophomore run of the revival series.

Graham returned to reprise her role as Lorelai in the reboot. But despite feeling a "kind of perfect" experience, the 50-year-old actress honestly said she "couldn't see more episodes" for the revival. The actress thinks there is "no reason" to do another one "except enjoyment." The "Gilmore Girls" lead also thinks a second installment of "A Year in the Life" would only "run the risk of disappointing" their fans.

'I kind of got what I wanted out of this'

After playing Lorelai for seven long years (plus another one for the revival), Graham is now ready to move forward and explore something else. She added that being a part of "Gilmore Girls" has given her satisfaction as an actress. Hence, the veteran star would like to try new things like helping young actors become what they want in the industry.

In fact, Graham is starting to make this happen through writing, which she said has given her a "new and refreshing" sense of fulfillment. Unlike before where she liked to be in front of the camera, the actress feels more satisfied now that she is one of the creative minds behind a production.

The "Gilmore Girls" star, aside from script writing, is also open to the idea of producing and directing.

Graham is confirmed to write the script for the adaptation of "The Royal We" and "Windfall" with E. Smith. Aside from these upcoming projects, the actress has also authored two books, titled "Someday, Maybe" and "Talking as Fast as I Can."