The landmark where fourteen-year-old, Chicago native, Emmett Till allegedly whistled at a white woman in 1955 has been vandalized. The majority of the text and images of Till have been scratched off with an object, erasing everything that happened in 1955. The defacing is seen as malicious and "carefully thought out" Davis Houck, a member of the Emmett Till Memory Project states. The marker first was scratched with a blunt tool in May. The murder of Emmett Till was an extremely significant moment in African American history because it exposed the racism of the time.

Back then, it was a white person's word over an African American's which ultimately lead to hundreds of murders. This incident stood out the most because of the age of Till.

Till's sign previously has been damaged

The Emmett Till Memorial Commission installed several other markers in 2008, one of which is located near the Tallahatchie River, was vandalized with bullet holes in October 2016. These signs are seen as easy targets as no one can identify the culprits, said Dave Tell, associate professor at University of Kansas and member of Emmett Till Memory Project, "These are easy targets, a low-risk outlet for racism,”. Tell also explains that people damage such landmarks and monuments because they are offended, “civil rights monuments as a form of reverse discrimination, a threat to their own well-being,”.

The woman behind the entire incident

On August 21, 1955, Till and his cousins entered Bryant's Grocery and Meat Market to purchase candy. The store was owned by Carolyn Bryant and her husband, Roy who was away a the time. Carolyn alleged that Till walked up to her and whistled at her. She then went and told her husband who decided to take matters into his own hands.

Roy and his half-brother, John William Milam kidnapped Till from his uncle's home. The two brutally beat, mutilated, shot and tied Till to a cotton gin fan sinking him into the Tallahatchie River. Earlier this year it was discovered that Carolyn had lied about the incident that took place in Tim Tyson's book, The Blood of Emmett Till.

Carolyn, whom now goes by the last name Donham expressed slight remorse for what happened stating, “Nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him.” Donham never explained why she lied to the FBI, to begin with. Donham, now 82, will most likely not face any repercussions as the five-year statute of limitations prevents her from being charged.