After overhearing a conversation about fake news at the bar of the posh Four Seasons Hotel in D.C.'s Georgetown neighborhood last Thursday, Politico contributor Anna Palmer approached the guests and shouted "F--k you guys!" before passing out and being asked to leave by hotel management.

The group of hotel guests, which included a handful of senior Trump officials and associates of Steve Bannon, were enjoying drinks at the hotel bar before deciding to head to a table.

The Daily Caller reports that Palmer approached the guests as they made their way to the table and made a scene.

According to one witness at the table, Palmer was "fall-down drunk" when she confronted the group.

Politico journalist acted like 'a crazy homeless person.'

The witness told The Daily Caller, "It was like a crazy homeless person coming up to you on the street and rambling," adding that Palmer wagged her finger at the group as she lectured them.

Palmer's employer, the left-leaning website Politico, got wind of the incident and immediately began an internal investigation, sending out emails to find out exactly what happened at the Four Seasons.

The anonymous source, who works in the East Wing of the White House, told The Daily Caller that the party was joking around about the Fake News when Palmer overheard the conversation and decided to confront them.

"She started saying, 'Ohhh--f--k you guys!’ She blacked out."

It was at this point the restaurant staff intervened and asked Palmer to leave. Another witness, who later escorted the Politico writer to the door, stated that Palmer had stumbled over from three tables away, and described her as being "loud" and "sloppy."

Politico defends Palmer

Politico, however, offers an entirely different version of the bizarre incident.

Katie Padwell, Politico's Director of Communications, spoke about the incident with a reporter from The Mirror and claimed that it was the group of Trump associates who began harassing Palmer.

Padwell stated that the gathering of Trump associates was behaving aggressively, shouting "Fake news!" at Palmer, adding that the writer left the Four Seasons not because she was asked to leave by management, but because the group of Trump associates made her feel "uncomfortable." Padwell claims that Palmer left under her power.

Padwell's explanation doesn't quite seem to cut the proverbial mustard, however.

The anonymous White House source who spoke to The Daily Caller claims that nobody at the table had any idea of who the woman was when she approached them and began shouting, while The Gateway Pundit reports that Palmer confessed to her employer and took responsibility for the embarrassing incident. "They were sitting down, and I was standing up so it must have been my fault," Palmer reportedly said, according to sources within Politico.

Palmer, a native of North Dakota who serves as Politico's senior Washington correspondent and is the face of its "Playbook" newsletter, began her journalism career writing for Legal Times and is described by Politico as "one of the biggest influencers" in the world of politics. During her career, she has also made several appearances as a correspondent for C-SPAN.