While the eagerly awaited testimony of former FBI director James Comey was going on at Capitol Hill, the US President Donald Trump avoided his Twitter account and did not say anything about the testimony that was going to have far reaching implications about his presidency. However, today he decided to tweet about the Comey testimony and stated that he stands completely vindicated following the hearing yesterday.

Trump responds finally

Donald Trump is not someone who usually waits too long before taking to his Twitter account in order to roast his perceived enemies So, today, he took to his Twitter account and stated that he has been completely vindicated.

He ended the tweet with a not so subtle jibe at Comey either.

During the testimony, that was widely regarded as the most important event in Washington in many years, the former FBI Director did say that the investigations related to Russian collusion in the elections did not involve the Donald Trump. However, the fact that Donald Trump had fired James Comey back in May made the whole thing a bit of a theater for all concerned. The President had earlier said that Comey was fired from his position at FBI specifically because of the way in which he had handled the Russian investigation.

Comey had however delivered plenty of other nuggets of information regarding the President that would certainly raise questions among the American people.

What vindication?

Despite the President's inimitable response to James Comey's testimony, there is no doubt that people are still a bit doubtful how it all indicates a 'complete vindication' for him.

During the testimony, Comey had revealed plenty of things that could make life difficult for the President in the future. For instance, he said that Donald Trump had asked him to drop the investigation into the activities of Michael Flynn, the former national security advisor to the President.

It is an extremely damning statement and one that could prove to be particularly disconcerting for many other government officials who have to deal with the President on a regular basis.

Comey also said that he was worried that he had been fired because of the way in which he had gone about the Russian collusion investigation. "It's my judgment that I was fired because of the Russia investigation.I was fired in some way to change, or the endeavor was to change, the way the Russia investigation was being conducted."