Michael Bond is known to the world as the creator of Paddington Bear. He died at home on June 27 after a short illness. Harper Collins, the publisher of the well-known artist, tweeted out the news on Wednesday. The tributes for the author have been steadily rolling in, with many adoring fans thanking him for his work and the joy that he brought to their lives.

The life of Michael Bond

Michael Bond was born in Newbury in 1926. His career began at the BBC, before starting to work as an author. He later went on the work as a cameraman and served the RAF (Royal Air Force).

In 1945, during World War II, he was stationed in Cairo. This was the beginning of his transition from a soldier to a writer as he began to write for the duration of his tour in the capital.

When Bond returned home he continued a normal life until inspiration struck him during Christmas Eve in 1956. On his way home from work, Bond spotted a teddy bear in a shop window. He bought it as a present for his wife to act as a stocking filler. They named the bear Paddington in good humor as they were living near Paddington Station at the time. Michael Bond would later sit down at his typewriter and begin the story of Paddington Bear which would capture the hearts of many.

He wrote the very first Paddington book 'A Bear called Paddington' in 1958 and since then it became history.

Bond went on to write more than 200 books for children. According to CNN, Harper Collins Publishing referred to Bond as a "giant of children's literature." More than 35 million Paddington Bear books have been sold worldwide. The Paddington Bear books were adapted for both TV and the big screen. Bond was delighted to see such life come to his character who he created for his enjoyment.

The tributes for the writer speak highly of his character

Since the news of Michael Bond's death was released the tributes have been pouring in. Executive Publisher at Harper Collins, Ann-Janine Murtagh spoke highly of Bond's character. She said he was a true gentleman and one of the most enchanting writers of his time. Fans have taken to social media to thank Bond for sharing Paddington Bear with the world.

One fan posted, "Raise a marmalade sandwich" in reference to Paddington's favorite sandwich.

Bond leaves behind a legacy. The world of literature is forever changed thanks to his contributions. Friends and family have expressed how lucky they were to have known him. Michael Bond is survived by his wife Sue and his children Karen and Anthony.