Since Donald Trump first started making headlines as a presidential candidate, it is safe to say he’s been in the news more than anymore else. It’s also safe to say that he’s offended more people than anyone else. As far as the offensive comments and gestures go, a close second in the ranking is Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, strategist, and counselor. Conway recently made headlines for describing the president-elect’s proven lies as “alternative facts.” Her most recent stunt, however, may be causing an even bigger social media firestorm than anything to date.

It didn’t come in the form of a tweet or even a statement made in an interview. This statement was a little different.

Conway's outfit was bold in more ways than one

During Trump’s inauguration, Conway was spotted in a dress that shocked just about everyone. It was primarily dark blue and white with a red collar. Lined with decorative buttons, it was accented by a blue belt, red gloves, and a red hat. Although Conway herself referred to it “Trump Revolutionary Wear, the coat was actually made by iconic Italian fashion retailer Gucci and had a price tag of $3,6000. While we can’t say for sure what truly compelled Conway to put on such a dress for as historic an event as the inauguration. If she wanted to make sure her family, friends, or anyone else, would be able to find her in the crowd, it seems safe to assume that her mission was accomplished, as the dress even brighter than the red “Make American Great Again” hats that dotted the crowd.

Twitter's users were quick to respond

Regardless of how Conway describes her outfit or the name she gives it, many Twitter users had different words for it. “Disgusting,” “Distasteful,” and “Revolting” are just a few of the terms that have been used to describe it since the inauguration. The coat also drew quite a few comparisons, such as a Nutcracker, the former New England Patriots logo, and the central character of the 2015 animated children’s film “Paddington Bear.” Another user described it as the “Perfect Hamilton cosplay,” although it’s unlikely that Conway would ever pay tribute to that show, given the reception Mike Pence received from its cast and Trump’s harsh words against it.

No word from her boss yet

How does Trump feel about Conway’s fashion statement? As of now, there has been no word on the subject. It is likely that if Trump had any stronger feelings regarding it, we would have seen a tweet about it. This is hardly surprising since he’s probably very busy with moving into the White House. Another question we should be considering, though, is whether or not the backlash that Conway’s coat has drawn would be as severe had it been worn by a less conservative figure? Until we see it happen, we’ll never know. Will Conway continue to debut outlandish outfits throughout Trump’s years in the oval office? No one can say for sure but we’ll certainly be watching.