A new video is making rounds online showing a Canadian woman deemed racist by the other patients at a Canadian clinic after she demanded to see a White doctor who speaks English and has no brown teeth.

A Canadian man videotaped the woman who was with her son at the clinic. She wanted a white doctor to treat her ill son. The clinic is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Per the video, it showed the woman getting angry after she was told there is no white doctor in the building for the time being.

Staff at the clinic said a white doctor will be in at around 4 p.m.

This angered her all the more as she said she waited for more than five hours and a "brown doctor" attended to her child. She noted that the doctor did not treat his son who was suffering from chest pains. The woman said of the doctor, “He was not speaking English. His teeth were brown. I do not need his help.”

Other patients tell woman she is racist

Other patients did not tolerate the Canadian woman’s complaints and rants. One of the patients at the clinic intervened and was heard in the video saying, “Your child clearly has more issues of you being his mother than needing to see here a doctor.” The other patient continued to say the Canadian woman involved is extremely rude and racist.

The others at the clinic suggested the Canadian woman should take her son to the hospital.

Others said she should get herself checked instead of her child. Her son silently sat near her throughout the incident.

Person who recorded video shocked over racist comments

The person who shot the video, identified as Hitesh Bhardwaj, said he was also a patient at the clinic and was disturbed when he heard the Canadian woman’s remarks.

He said the fact that the woman openly talked about wanting a white doctor to see her son in front of so many people and without reservations made him feel disturbed.

He noted he is of Indian descent and came to Canada five years ago. The incident also made him feel angry and frustrated so he decided to record the video and post it as it is a matter that should not go unnoticed.

Canadian woman said other racist comments in the past

According to the former friends of the woman in the video, this was not the first time she made racist comments. The neighbors of the woman called police after she made racial slurs towards them and their kids. Reportedly, she called some of them the “N” word. The woman has not been identified yet and no charges were filed against her regarding the remarks she made at the clinic as police said she did not commit any crime.