On Tuesday, June 27, Mitch McConnell has decided to delay the Health Care Bill until after the fourth of July holiday. With Republicans only holding 52 seats, the bill can only afford to lose two votes however, Utah Senator, Mike Lee, was the fifth republican to oppose the bill on Tuesday. With more than two members rejecting the bill, it was not able to go forth.

If this new health care plan were to be approved, it would cause 22 million people to have no health coverage and would cut $772 billion from #Medicaid over the next decade. According to NPR, only 17 percent of Americans approve of the bill while 55 percent are against it.

In 2010, Obamacare did not favor everyone and as the Senate bill troubles the nation, the American people worry of what will become of the revised one. About 46 percent of Americans wish for the Affordable Care Act to do more while 7 percent wish to have less of #Obamacare implemented in the bill. Both the Senate and the House bill would contribute less funding than Obamacare for the poor and instead increase the rates for insurance companies to offer for older Americans.

The protests

Even though no bill has been passed yet, the possibility and the fear of losing medical care is causing Americans to erupt. As anger and disappointment travel across the U.S, protests flood the streets of Capitol Hill.

On Wednesday afternoon, forty people were arrested for visiting the offices of the Republican Senators such as Mario Rubio, Pat Toomey and Rob Portman. Protests were organized by liberal groups such as American Civil Liberties Union, Service Employees International Union, Planned Parenthood and more.

Protesters chanted “kill the bill, don’t kill me” and those that entered the offices of Rob Portman chanted “Don’t save the millionaires, save medicaid."

What happens now?

The senate will hopefully alter the bill in accordance of the new demands.

However Senator Bill Cassidy wonders if a renewed bill would even be enough to change some of the member’s decisions. According to The Washington Post, McConnell is hoping to have the bill edited by Friday in order to hold a vote before the Congress’s break in August.

Many changes need to made in order for the bill to approved and if it doesn’t, the GOP must work with the Democrats in order to improve it, which will lead to a less conservative Health Care plan and McConnell is not hoping for that. As of now, the public, as well as the #GOP, sit on a pile of uncertainty as fear crumbles within the lives of the American people.