In this turbulent time in American politics, a critical point has been reached in early May, when the House passed a version of a new Health Care Bill to the surprise of many. After the failed first attempt of health care reform under the Trump administration, many had hope that Obama's most prolific legacy to American politics, the affordable care act (ACA), would withstand the Republican majority in power. Recent events have many stakeholders worried about the future of the American health care system. Here are the concerns that have been voiced and how Democrats and the American public are responding.

The changes behind the Senate bill

The GOP’s new health care bill, the American Health Care Act, has been drafted in the Senate and was released on Thursday morning. The 142-page proposal from the Senate is being categorized as a plan that builds upon and reforms the ACA rather than a replacement. However, there are still major concerns with the proposed changes, namely how the bill (in its current form) would throw millions of Americans on Medicare off health insurance by 2024.

Republicans have long said they want to get rid of the system of taxation under the ACA. With this bill, the Republicans are staying true to their word because, if passed, nearly all taxes and fees under the ACA would be repealed.

The implications of which are fewer tax credits for government subsidized ACA insurance plans would be available to people near the poverty cut off, and a reduction of taxes on insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and citizens in higher tax brackets.

No compromise in sight

Democrats have responded fervently urging Republicans to not sign the bill.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had eloquently criticized Congress members considering putting their name on the bill because it would be "tattooed" on their forehead. "You will glow in the dark,” she warned. At the moment, it appears the House Minority Leader's remarks have been ignored because the Republican Senate leadership is hoping to push the bill through a vote next week.

Given the impact of this bill on the everyday lives of the American public, people have been sharing their stories on social media to highlight how the Affordable Care Act has saved and improved quality of lives. And with numerous national polls concluding there is a majority of registered American voters opposed to the GOP’s new bill it seems as if Republicans are trying to barrel through the legislative process as quickly as possible to pass the bill.

Interestingly enough, the draft of the new Senate Bill included provisions for individuals living with preexisting conditions and also delegated money to fight the opioid crisis plaguing America of late. These components of the bill could possibly incentivize moderate Republicans to vote in favor of the bill.

However, it is unclear if the bill will pass because five GOP senators have come forward saying they will not vote to pass the bill. It is uncertain whether or not these swing votes in the Republican party will change their mind on a future draft of the bill or if Obamacare will remain for the duration of President Trump’s term.